March 25, 2016


Welcome to Dollywood.

We started at Wild Eagle.

Dad says this is his favorite ride in the park.

The ride really towers over the park.

Firechaser Express was next.

This coaster is just a lot of fun.

Tennesse Tornado was next on the loop.

While smoother than most Arrow coasters, it is still rather uncomfortable to ride.

A landmark ride at the park - Blazing Fury.

Time to go do some barnstormin'.

The world needs more of these rides.

Make it a train day!

I absolutely love Klondike Katie.

We rode the Carousel next and I got a dragon.

We went and explored the County Fair next.

Wish they'd remove the median on their Bumper Cars.

They talked me in to riding the Wonder Wheel.

Normally I flat out refuse to ride carnival style ferris wheels.

We took a lap on Rockin' Roadway next.

It was actually a fun little ride.

Unfortunately Lightning Rod wasn't open yet.

It looks like it will be quite the ride when it finally opens.


Since the new woodie was still closed, we went to the "old" woodie.

Poor Thunderhead has not aged well at all.  

Which is a shame because it has an epic layout.

We made it back around to Mystery Mine.

The ride is a lot of fun in the front row.

If you're forced to ride in the back row - you are going to have a bad time. 

Another great day at Dollywood.

Hopefully the next time I am in the area, Lightning Rod will finally be open.