March 20, 2016

Spring Festival (SDC)

Silver Dollar City is open for the season!

Walking into the square area of the park

The square is very festive looking with the flags

They have photo ops scattered around the square

If you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, check in here to get your button and map to receive free items for the day at different locations around the park

Here is the new Fry Bread Stand located by the Saloon

The servings are actually quite large and it proved to be quite tasty

Lumber Camp received a new sign this year

The skillet restaurant in the area also received some attention

New shop that has replaced the PowderKeg Black Power Supply Store.

First ride of the new year will be Fire in the Hole

Next we went and rode the Frisco Silver Dollar Line.  The finally have replaced all of the carriages with the newer design.  This makes a much more uniform look for the train.

After the train, we toured the Flooded Mine, which is now missing a tower from it's skyline.  It was removed this past off-season due to wood rot.

Next we headed to ThuNderaTion which is sporting a brand new entrance arch that mimics the look of the old arch.

After TNT, we headed down to the Landing in route to our lunch destination.

Now in it's second season, Fireman's Landing still sparkles.

Nice new water accent area near Riverfront Playhouse

New lockers to be used by Lost River riders have been added near the Playhouse.

Lots of new signage has been added all over the park.

New shop located in the Owens Farm area.

The stagecoach has been moved to the courtyard at Outlaw Run.

Outlaw Run received some attention this off-season and is now riding better than ever.

Powder Keg finally opened in the afternoon and provided an excellent ride.

While we were in the area, we also took a lap on Wildfire.

Lots of new paint in the Grand Expo area as they work on refurbishing the area.

The Galleon has been completely repainted.

As was the Electrospin

The Gazebo received some work this off-season including the addition of wooden paneling to replace the rotten decorative wood elements that used to be present there.

Elsewhere in the park, Sullivan's Mill received this nice new directional sign.

The park is off to a great start.  Cannot wait to see what they have in store for this season.