April 16, 2016

Park Update (WOF)

Let's start off with what's new at the park in Bicentennial Square.
Here you can see the games area has received all new signage.

In a bizarre move, they have sealed up the fronts of these games.

No word on why this has happened yet.

It does make me wonder what the park has in store for this area in the future.

Timberwolf underwent the 2nd part of its 4 year renovation.

 The coaster is now retracked and reprofiled all the way to the entrance of the helix.  It has made the first part of the ride much more enjoyable.  I cannot wait to see how the ride progresses in rerideability over the next few seasons.

Cyclone Sam's received a new sign this season.

The Bullpen also got a new sign and a new facade front.

New this season is All-Season "Free" Drink Thermos.  It is also good at all Cedar Fair parks in the chain with a Platinum Pass.

To help with demand - the park has added additional refill stations around the park.

Up in Planet Snoopy, the restrooms have completely redone on the inside.

The old Scrambler / IncredOdome ride pad has been removed and seeded with grass.

Over at the Sunken Fountain Food Court, a new Street Taco stand has opened.

In Europa, Flying Dutchman received a new 3D sign.

Deja Vu gifts also has some new retro t-shirts for this season.

In Africa, 3-point Challenge has received new signage and is sponsored by Sprite this season.

MAMBA started its multi-season track repainting project.

Right now, they only have the track surrounding the plaza complete.
It starts here at the end of the bunny hops.

It stops at the bottom of the lift hill.

The train bridge over the walkway to Prowler received new wood this off-season.

Back to Scadinavia, the Finnish Fling received all new wood on the outside of the ride.

New flower beds have been added in front of Viking Voyager.

Sweet Spot has opened up in the Scandinavian shops.

It sells candy and also makes fresh fudge.

The park is off to a good start.  Looking forward to a great season.