April 2, 2016

TORUK: the First Flight (Cirque du Soleil)


We recently traveled to the Sprint Center in Kansas City to watch Cirque du Soleil's newest touring show, Toruk: The First Flight based on Avatar.

The stage is set and the interactive fireflies are dancing around the stage.

The Shaman begins the story

The floor erupts into fire

The Na'vi make their first appearances.

The coronation ceremony begins.

Time to collect the 2nd artifact of the quest.

This was truly one of the prettiest acts of the entire show.  The aerial artists were quite good too.

The stage then turned into a waterfall and river. With some peculiar animals from Pandora.

The main characters navigating the river in search of the 3rd artifact.

Next came a tilt table act on the bones of the skeleton of a Toruk. This was where they found the next artifact.

The 2nd act began with a new take on the pole act

The poles could fold in half and could then be rotated from their base.

Finally they get the final artifact and make their way to the rope bridge past the floating mountains.

The Toruk appears.

The Tree of Souls is in trouble.

The fires come and threaten to destroy the Tree of Souls.

The Toruk and the rider appear.

The Toruk sacrifices itself to save the Tree of Souls

The Tree is not only saved but becomes even more powerful.

The cast takes its curtain call.  The show was amazing.  The mapping technology that the show utilizes is amazing.  Cirque du Soleil has once again raised the bar on what a show can be.