April 15, 2016

Planet Snoopy Preview Night (WOF)

Worlds of Fun has added 5 new attractions to Planet Snoopy for the 2016 Season.

The largest of the additions is Woodstock Gliders.

The ride is a Larson built Flying Scooters.  The ride took the place of the former Bounce House that had a balloon Snoopy on top.

Riders can control their flight by moving the front wing on their tub left or right.

The ride received a nice LED light package, much like what is on SteelHawk.

Right next door is another new ride, Beagle Brigade Airfield.

This is a Zamperla Flying Tiger ride that is an inverted variation of a kiddie whip ride.

The other three new rides are in the new lower part of Planet Snoopy.

On your left once you enter this area is Snoopy's Junction.

This is a Zamperla Rio Grande Train.  It features a figure-8 course and goes by cacti on its route.

What is interesting is that the train is in Wacky Worm's (Cosmic Coaster) former spot and Cosmic Coaster is in the spot of the former kiddie train that was removed.

Next we have Snoopy's Space Buggies.

This ride is a modern version of a Kangaroo ride.

Here you can see where the wheel of the ride go off a ramp and then the hydraulics kick in to bounce the ride vehicles back down.

The final new ride in the area is Linus Launcher.

This is a Zameperla Kite Flyer.

Elsewhere in the new section is a shaded sitting area.  You can also see the new ramp way they installed so strollers and wheelchairs can access the area.

The new area looks great and adds some much needed capacity to Planet Snoopy.

I think this area will prove to be quite the hit for Worlds of Fun this season.

Go check it out!