April 17, 2016

World Fest (SDC)

Welcome to WorldFest at Silver Dollar City.

Performing this year in the Riverfront Playhouse is Island Fire.

The show is non-stop action.  Featuring native dancing from the islands.

The real reason to come to the show?  Fire!  Lots and lots of FIRE!

The show is always a crowd favorite.  The show packed the theater for all 3 showings on Sunday.

Tastes of the World Food Court is back again in the Frisco Barn.

I enjoyed a tasty Arepas Rumberas Sandwich from Venezuela.  It consisted of a cornbread bun with baked in cheese curds, seasoned pulled pork with cilantro and cheese crumble.

The safe selection of the group went with the Juarez nachos from Mexico.

Another safe selection was the chicken stir fry from China.

The final food choice for our group was the Thai flat bread pizza.  He couldn't wait for me to get a picture of it before starting to eat.  It originally filled the plate.

After lunch we watched Sticks on Steel at the Boatworks Theater.

This very popular steel pan orchestra is a crowd favorite and has appeared numerous times at WorldFest and Festival of Nations at Dollywood.

The group plays two different song sets during the day, making it possible for multiple viewings if you so desire.

In the Opera House, the Polish National Ballet Ensemblem, Slask is performing.

The quality of this national dance ensemble cannot be overstated.

The ensemble is all business.  They dance numerous folk dances the entire show with absolutely no talking.  Descriptions of the dances are placed on projector screens.

Honestly this was one of my favorite shows of the day.  I absolutely loved that there was a high quality performance of pure culture.  Which to me, should be the entire point of this festival.

Finally, we watched was Cirque Zuma Zuma in the Red Gold Heritage Hall.

Cirque Zuma Zuma is probably the weakest of the stage shows at WorldFest this season.

The acts were very sloppy and at times appeared completely ab lib.

The worst part of the show was probably the music.  Constantly pounding on drums does not do "it" for me.

So in the end, if you can't make a show of Cirque Zuma Zuma, you are not messing much.

The FINAL WorldFest runs through the end of April.