April 20, 2018

World Changes (WOF)

Let's take a look at some of the other changes that have happened around the park.  First off the park has installed new lighted from behind maps around the park.

The map near Sea Dragon in Scandinavia

The map near the train bridge by the Train Station lists this area as the Old West now.

The map over by the new fountain area.

Landscaping has done an amazing job on the planters in International Plaza (note this area is no longer considered part of Scandinavia).  Oh and Pizzo's Pizza is now "Just Pizza... & Turkey Legs" - a rather generic name, but it'll probably change again soon.

Kringle's Holiday House has taken the place of the Lift

The store is now a permanent year-round Christmas store.

Big Game Hunt is no longer.  We wondered if this would be the case when they closed it mid season last year and made it a Skeleton Key room.  Here's to hoping something permanent takes the place of this photo opp.

The river area in Africa is home to some amazing topiaries now.

They are both sides of the bridge.

Even though they are not real, they look very nice.

The former MAMBA photo has become a full store now.

They actually have other things that you can buy now as well.

The new brick work in front of Moulin Rouge turned out nice.

Really classed up the area.  I wish they would go ahead and replace the asphalt in this section as well to make the entire Europa section look nice.

Some neat road signs were added to the walls of Autobahn.

They finally got the lights working on Falcon's Flight.  They never did work last season.

In one of the windows of the Front Street Shops, they have a display of old park maps.

They have replaced the asphalt with cement starting near Detonator.  They also removed the old extended queue for Cyclone Sam's and replaced it with grass.  You'll notice on the right that there is no longer a wooden fence.  It's just open.

The cement continues on down the hill towards the fountain.

The cement ends here, which is where the Old West section starts.  I'm not sure why there is a random path of pavers here.  It looks nice, but is random.

New pavers outline this grassy area near the Americana Food Court.

More outdoor seating has been installed for Caribou Coffee.

The area where the Rock was located is now designated for seating.  Last year there was also a Dippin' Dots stand here, but it was never open.

This area near the train track in the Orient has been opened up and landscaping is being installed.

Love the fish kites hanging above the lake in the Orient.  Each fish has a light attached to its mouth to light the kites up at night

More paver walls have been installed in the Orient.

The new beds made from pavers in front of Bamboozler and the restrooms

New lighting on the Orient Bridge.  The random parade of country flags is now part of yesterland.

We mentioned it before, but here is proof that they have changed the name of Pizzo Pizza.  Here's to hoping that they come up with a better name.

Finally, the lighting rigs in International Plaza received permanent footers that match the architecture of the front gate.  It really is the little things and the park has finally noticed that they do make the difference.