April 27, 2018

Little Dipper (Coaster Dynamix CDX Blocks)

We recently purchased the Little Dipper model from CDX Blocks

CDX Blocks claims that their product will full integrate with the popular LEGO brand building blocks.

Unpacking the contents, each type of piece is departmentalized in its own bag.

Instruction Manual

Step 1: Build the bottom base frame.

Step 2: Add some cross bents

Step 3: Add some cross beams and another layer of cross bents

Step 4: Another layer higher of beams and bents.

Step 5: Adding in beams to support the higher track pieces.

Step 6: Begin the process of adding the chain mechanics

Step 7: Add the cross ties for the track that will attach directly to structure.

Step 8: Pull the chain.

Step 9: Add the track and additional cross ties for support.  
(This was the longest step and most difficult)
Step 10: Put train chassis on the track before completing the loop 

Step 11: Build train and add accessory flags to the lift hill

The finished product

Detail shots

Personal Thoughts: We're very happy with the end result of this build.  We found it to be a fairly easy to build.  We would recommend buying it..