September 15, 2018



HAUNT has 3 main shows this season.  The first being Haunted Homecoming in the Moulin Rouge.

The show does a medley of Halloween songs

It's a high energy show that constantly plays to a packed house with Standing Room Only viewing.

The most popular show at HAUNT is the Overlord's Awakening.

This is a nightly "kickoff" to the evening's festivities.

Besides the Overlord, the two Wicked Witches of the East and West also join in to welcome the foolish mortals.

After the show, the screamsters (which can be seen in front) parade through the park to their different mazes.

If you want to see the Overlord's Awakening, make sure you get a viewing spot early in the International Plaza as it gets crowded very quickly.

The final show at HAUNT is the Skeleton Crew.

This cirque inspired show plays in the International Plaza at the gardens stage.

While it is a very entertaining and well done show, I feel that it gets forgotten by most part guests who are elsewhere in the park enjoying the mazes (or standing in line)

There are a few new acts this year though, like this talented balance act.

Personally I feel that they need to have some daytime performances of Skeleton Crew which or maybe even one before Overlord's Awakening which will definitely play to bigger crowds.