September 2, 2018

Cotton Blossom BBQ (WOF)

The first signs of movement on the 2019 project, Cotton Blossom BBQ has appeared

This beautiful red wall stretches from Pizza Pier to Patriot's Landing.

While you can still reach Patriot from the main midway next to Pizza Pier, you cannot access SteelHawk from Patriot anymore.  You must go around Pizza Pier and enter from the Americana Star Fountain Plaza.

From the deck next to the Coke store, you can see the backside of the wall.

What's peculiar is that while the wall is up, you can still go right up next to the back of the wall.

Here you can see the back of the wall stretching down to Patriot's Landing.

Since construction should begin soon, the water in the creek has been shut off.

Which means that the RipCord Lake is once again dry and ugly.