September 15, 2018



New this year at HAUNT is Khaos Unleashed.  This new maze takes the place of Urgent Scare (formerly Asylum Island).  This maze is a breath of fresh air for the event.  It is completely different than the other houses and was a lot of fun.  That is - if you're not claustrophobic.

Also new this year is Chamber of Horrors: Condemned.  This new version of the Chamber of Horrors looks a lot more charred than the old version.  There are some new sight gags in there and they have changed several things up to throw you off of what you think you know about the Chamber.

CornStalkers was solid like normal.  They really went all out with making some of the paths extremely narrow.  The amount of screamsters in the maze tonight made it even better.  There were "living" scarecrows all over the place.

Outlaw's Revenge is still way to light for my liking, but the talent they had working tonight were awesome.

Being able to scare people in the open is really a talent and they were getting lots of "floors" which I really enjoyed watching.

BloodShed has a new ending this year and some different props.  The screamsters did a nice job tonight.

Ripper's Alley has a new queue arrangement for this season.

This remains as one of my least favorite mazes.  It's not really scary, it's more of a "scene" maze where you are barely present to the talent as you go through.

One of my favorite mazes continues to be amazing - Blood on the Bayou!  Not only are the sets impressive, the talent is always on their A-game in here.
CarnEvil had a new set-up this year with some new props.

I never have been impressed with CarnEvil as a scarezone and this year is no different.

The large Jack in the Box is part of this zone this year.

The grandpa of HAUNT (and actually a remnant of Halloweekends), Lore of the Vampire continues to march on.  This house has always been solid and it continues to be so.  Some adjustments in the basement make for a longer 2nd act.  I do think it might be time to refresh the upper level.

The Boneyard is probably the best scarezone.

It helps when you have actual props and fog to work with.

A leftover from Fright Zone (man that was a long time ago).

The final maze is Zombie High.  This has always been a lesser maze for me, and I think it's because they tend to put the younger screamsters in here.  It's fun to go through to look around, but far from scary.