September 15, 2018



It's the most wonderful time of the year - HAUNT!
Heading towards the park, there are these new jack-o-lantern poles.  Pretty sure these are just repurposed lighting rigs from Winterfest, but the effect looks nice.

The pumpkin king has made his home on top of the tickets building this season.  This reminds me of when how he used to sit on top of the old ticket buildings before last year's remodel.

Some large skeleton props greet you as you enter through the main gate.

New decorations on the Scandi-Orient bridge.

The gourd display near the Grand Carrousel looks awesome. 

The throne has returned to the Orient section near Spinning Dragons.

Ninja skeletons over the Orient pond

Lots of new decorations at the Americana Star Fountain Plaza.

There are four new booths around the outer portion of the gardens.

Some of them are pretty clever.

This one was my favorite.

It is definitely a peep show.

I'm not exactly sure what this one is about.

This appears to be where the new stage will be for Winterfest.

The Wizard of Oz display is back over by Cyclone Sam's

These are always a crowd favorite.

The legs crack me up every time I see them.

Outlaw's Revenge got new signage for this season

Pretty nice cemetery scene.  I wish they'd do one for past attractions.

Spooky scarecrow in the Outlaws section

The train is all decorated for HAUNT

Some decorations out on the train loop.

This one turned out nice.

The Europa section is now home to the Great Pumpkin Spectacular.

They really went all out with new pumpkin decorations.

There are pumpkins everywhere.

A wall of pumpkins at the base of the tree.

These were popular photo props with the guests today

There are even pumpkins on the pizza place.

The troll is back again this year.

The ambulance is parked down by Boomerang this year since Urgent Scare is no longer.

This prop was near Viking Voyager and was manned by a flying monkey and a witch most of the day.

Really like the updated floral clock with the gourds. 

We're just getting started with our coverage of this year's HAUNT