July 16, 2021



Welcome to the Adventureland Resort near Des Moines, Iowa

The park's entrance area is modeled after Disneyland and even has the train station right at the entrance

It is a cute little train too.

Rounding out the square area is the Carousel.

Anchoring one end of the Boulevard is the Giant Wheel



Phoenix is their spinning mouse coaster

Balloon Race

Lady Luck



Space Shot

The Underground is their indoor scenic railway ride

This animatronic in the queue area is the scariest part of the attraction

Storm Chaser

Tornado is their classic out and back wooden coaster

Monster is their marquee rollercoaster that features a vertical lift and a beyond vertical first drop

The park has a very famous skyride that goes through the trees

Back in Outlaw Gulch you will find the area's namesake coaster - The Outlaw

You'll also find this rare water ride called Sawmill Splash

As we covered in another update, this is Dragon Slayer and the newest themed area of the park

This is a really great small park and it has been growing quickly.  3 new coasters in 5 seasons

It will be interesting to see what happens next at the park