July 16, 2021

Dragon Slayer - NOW OPEN (Adventureland)


Dragon Slayer is officially open at Adventureland Resort in an all new area of the park

Which side will you pick?  Knight side (which they claim is more intense) or Squire side (which they claim is less intense)

Unlike the larger models, only one cart can be loaded/unloaded at a time.  This didn't seem to effect the capacity too much

Heading up the lift

First off, I want to say that the setting is perfect.  It is very visible within the park

We rode both sides and honestly did not see too much difference on the amount of spins.  We found that if you start with your back to the control booth you will spin more (both sides).  If you are a single rider, you will spin more if you sit on the inside seat then the outside seat.

In addition to the new Dragon Slayer, they also moved Puff the Dragon (now called Dragon's Nest) to this new area.  Way to go Adventureland on having a cohesive new themed area at the park.