July 16, 2021

Adventure Bay


Welcome to Adventure Bay waterpark at the Adventureland Resort

Typhoon is a 2 person raft slide (you can see the green rafts being carried up) there on the left.  You start with a helix and then you are dropped into a larger rocker before going into another helix and out into the catch pool.

This complex features several slides.  Reef Racers (on the right) is a 6-lane mat racer slide.

The other two slides are body speed slides.  Patriot's Plunge (the red white and blue slide) features a double down and you actually get some air after that second hill.  Gangplank (green slide) is an immediate straight down and you get a lot of speed on it.

Shipwreck Shores is a secondary swim up bar.  Also in this area is a kiddie activity pool with water pad walk and obstacle course.

Also in this area is the Pirate Ship which features smaller slides and a splash pad

Breaker Beach Wave Pool is a double wave pool that has a more aggressive side and a less aggressive side.  The waves on both sides are pretty decent

The Sand Bar Pool is supposed to be the adult pool with a swim up bar.

The lazy river circles most of this part of the park. It is called Caribbean Cruiser

Here you can see that it goes all the way over to Typhoon and circles around the Sand Bar Pool.

This tube slide complex is called the Bermuda Quadrangle.  Green is an open air slide.  Purple is an enclosed slide.  Green/Blue is a Bullet Bowl slide. Orange/Yellow features 3 Rocker Pods.

Finally Kokomo Kove is the original attraction that started the waterpark.  This waterfortress features numerous smaller slides and lots of water obstacles.