July 24, 2021

Park Update (SFSTL)


Time to do an update on the projects at SFSTL.
First up, the new plaza is complete in the Batman queue area.  Now all they are waiting on is to install the Batmobile.  No idea on the timeline for that

The Carousel has been completely stripped of everything.  Hopefully this means that they are making good progress on the renovation of the ride.

Bugs Bunny Fort Fun is being refreshed

New ropes and chains are being installed to replace aging ones

Since Fort Fun sat unused last year, little to no upkeep was completed on it

Once this renovation is complete, the fort will be much safer

The first car of the train that sits up above the Mine Train queue has returned after being renovated.  Other cars will return as they get completed.

Finally, the train is back.  The bridge replacement by Thunder River is complete and now you can take round trip scenic voyages around the park.