July 24, 2022

Lost Island Theme Park


It is not every day that you get to visit a brand new theme park in the United States and it is even more rare when it opens in the middle of the country - but here we are in Waterloo, Iowa at the brand new Lost Island Theme Park

The park is divided into different realms instead of lands.  The realm immediately to the left of the main entrance is called "MURA" and is the fire realm

The main attraction in the area is called Volkanu

This is an indoor dark ride with a shooter component to it and it is very well done

The ride basically is themed around defeating Volkanu and saving Lost Island

I'm not sure what a "good" score is on the ride, but this was my highest total for the day

Next we headed to Shaman's Curse

This is a disko coaster ride and does a nice job of adding kinetic movement to the area

Rokava is an interesting flipping ride that has a pretty cool lava creature trying to attack it while you ride/

The park has several interactive elements and the Makatu Shrine is one of them

Mura Fury is a spinning and looping pendulum ride that was unfortunately down for our visit.

Continuing our journey around the park in a clockwise manner we come to "YUTA" which is the Earth realm of the park

Unlike the other realms, Yuta is not quite ready to be fully enjoyed yet.  Matugani (pictured) is a launched coaster that will send riders from 0-60mph in seconds.  It is scheduled to open eventually this season

Yuta Falls will open in 2023 and is a log flume ride

Pengali Ruins is an interactive play area where you can dig for fossils

The only ride currently open in this section is Kukui Station which is a special type of bumper cars that allows for 360 degree spins

There is a restaurant in this area called Totara Market

We highly recommend the cupcake flight from this restaurant.  It costs $12 and features a total of 6 different miniature cupcakes.  Going across the top you have UDARA which is a blueberry coconut cake with coconut buttercream, VOLKANU is a chocolate hazelnut cake with a dark chocolate buttercream, raspberry sauce and a chocolate covered hazelnut, YUTA is a dark chocolate cake with matcha buttercream. Across the bottom is TAMARIKI which is a blood orange cake with citrus buttercream, MURA is a tropical mango cake with lime tajin buttercream, AWA is a blue raspberry lemon zest cake with blue raspberry lemonade buttercream

The next realm is the Awa realm, which is themed to water (and is actually the largest realm right now in the park)

Zulawa Wave is a miniature Himalaya ride

In 2023 this structure will be the home to Nika's Gift which will be a nautical themed carousel

There is a snack and drink stand in this area along with a couple playgrounds near the lake

The main attraction in this realm is Alzanu's Eye which is the park's ferris wheel

The views from the wheel

We are only half way through the park.  Be sure to check out part 2 of our report