July 26, 2022

Nickelodeon Universe (MOA)


No trip to the Twin Cities is complete without a stop at the one of the biggest tourist traps in the country - Mall of America

But let's be honest, we all know why we're here - Nickelodeon Universe

Let's do this thing

So unlike the one at Lost Island, I am able to get my seat to flip on Shell Shock

Ghost Blasters was next

I got the highest score of the group, but I still don't think 1650 is that great

Orange Streak was next.  It was only running one train today so the line was much longer than it needed to be ... we still rode it numerous times

I've always liked how this bounce house looks

Rockbottom Plunge was next.

Crazy how it is actually smoother in the back row than in front

Cute little carousel

The Dora themed Ferris Wheel towers over the park

Splat-O-Sphere is the the drop tower here.  I wish they'd upgrade to an S&S tower that goes through the roof

Avatar just does its thing

I don't understand Brain Surge.  Is the only point of the ride to see how dizzy you can make yourself?

Fairly Odd Coater

The Shredder ride is a lot of fun

I love the Log Chute but I'm mad at it.  I got completely drenched and it wasn't even on one of the two big hills.  Being drenched in a mall is not fun

BUT I am very happy to see Babe and Paul are still in the Log Chute

They literally could have put this anywhere but put it in the only major ride plot that the park had left.

Other things we saw ... giant Monarchs



Until next time