October 30, 2022

Boo Fest (SFSTL)


New this season is Boo Fest - a scare free day time event for the kids.
One of the new offerings is McBoogles Hayride

You board your hayride tractor behind the Joker Inc.

The tractor then takes you backstage for your adventure

I have to admit, it was a fun ride

They use the old McBoogle props that used to be along the Moon Cars ride during Fright Fest

But they have more room here, so the props are much more elaborate

Lots of old Fright Fest props being reused

It was a little jarring to see the marshmallow snowman from Holiday in the Park - but since they cancelled that event, why not use it

Bugs Bunny in his costume

Daffy and Tweety were also out in their costumes

River King Mine Train is only open during the day

Some fun decorations for Boo Fest

Finally, don't miss out on Cornelius' Straw Maze in Bugs Bunny National Park