October 21, 2022

City Update (SDC)


Earth is being moved just outside the park for the brand new employee dorm that is expected to open sometime next season

The hope is that this will help secure more seasonal workers for the park by providing a lower cost housing option

The new campus is within walking distance to the park and Dollar General

You have to go the long way around to get to Wildfire now - meaning up past the Duplicating Lathe and American Plunge

This is your "New for 2023" addition.  A new Furniture Store, Fried Fancies and a large covered dining area

Here is a good look at the foundation for what we expect to be Fried Fancies

The lower level is more than likely going to be part of the covered seating, which is said to have a view of the waterfall area

A good portion of this area will be the new Furniture store

Plenty of markers already out in the area

It will be nice to have this area back next season