October 30, 2022

Fright Fest - Mazes and Scare Zones (SFSTL)


The sun has gone down.  Time to check out the haunts

Jingle Mangle is a Christmas themed maze.  It is located near Macho Nacho.  I guess if you are going to cancel your holiday event you need to do something with all of those decorations

A non-scare zone near Batman

Zombieville scare zone near Spinsanity

Slaughterhouse near Mooseburger Lodge.  This is probably the best maze at the park

Creatures of the Corn near SkyScreamer.  This outdoor maze is corn maze themed.  Not very scary

Sycophants is a scare zone near Boomerang

Sinister Clowns is located next to Pademonium

Probably the best of the scare zones

Oddball's Funhouse was expanded this year.  This maze is located near Super Girl.  It is just ok

Another non -care zone located near the arbor tunnels

A really cool silo in another non-scare zone near Mr. Freeze

The final scare zone is Cannibal Hideout near the Log Flume

They really cut back on scare zones this year.  I guess that way they could properly staff the four that they kept for this season