October 21, 2022

Pumpkins in the City (SDC)


When the sun sets, the park comes to life with Pumpkins in the City

Walking through the portal area near Echo Hollow

This massive Pumpkin man greets you to Pumpkins in the City

Really take your time and check out the different pumpkins in the Grand Expo area

Owl near the Electro Spin

Spider near the Royal Tea Party

Cat near the Galleon

You can get your photo with the official mascot of Pumpkins in the City

Pumpkin Plaza is home to a giant dance party that takes place most of the evening

Some of the neat pumpkins in the Pumpkin Plaza area

Those inflatable pumpkins are massive

Foggy Hollow is the newest addition to Pumpkins in the City

It is definitely interesting

Honestly the photos make it look better than what it looks like in real life

More pumpkins over by the Boatworks Theatre

Lucky on top of the Toy Store

Owls on the back of Boatworks Theatre

Pumpkin pyramids near the entrance to Riverfront Playhouse

Giant bats on the back of Riverfront Playhouse

A pyramid of a cow, pig and chicken on top of Riverfront Smokehouse

Finally the creepy owls in the trees up in Wilson Farms