October 21, 2022

Fire in the Hole (SDC)


As we have stated before, this gravity building is massive

If nothing else, it is creating a major berm for the park

You can see some of the new facade elements from outside of the park

From the train you can see some of the facade peeking over the fence

Appears that this is going to be themed to a village instead of just part of Fireman's Landing

The framing for another section has gone up

This still appears to be the only access point inside the gravity building

From inside the foam ball factory you can see the facade's elements coming together
(sorry the windows are filthy and this is the best we can do)

This will be the entrance to the ride

The framing looks like it is ready to receive its facade

The green building is the entrance to the ride

Hard to believe we have another year before we get to ride this thing