November 4, 2023

City Update (SDC)


Something is happening with the balloon race in Fireman's Landing

As you can see, the balloons and the baskets are currently in pieces around the ride pad

We are not really sure what is going on here.  However, we will definitely keep an eye on the ride

Work is on going at the future home of the twister dogs.  Lots of trees have been removed from the area making it look extremely strange.

There's now a large construction wall on the other side of the lot.  The former Tastes of the City stand has already been removed, as has the ICEE stand that was near the entrance to Fireman's Landing.  The only structure left is the Pretzel Stand that was across from Boatworks Theatre and it has been slated for removal as well.

The prep work for moving the Little Swings is continuing to progress.  The queue area and operator's booth have already been constructed.

This will become the new entrance to the NEW Fire in the Hole.  The entrance pathway will go straight through here to a new train crossing and then the new ride.

The Furniture Factory Store is getting closer to being ready, though we are unsure if they will attempt to open it this season or just wait.  We have to admit that the details on the building are just great.

This place is really pretty and I am sure the insides will be just as nice.

Some finishing touches going in here.  I imagine that this area with the garage door will be back of the house and behind a privacy fence.