November 21, 2023

Sea World Orlando - Rides


Welcomes to Sea World Orlando

It is nice to be back

Let's get this update off with a splash - Escape from Atlantis

Our favorite B&M hypercoaster is located at this park - Mako

The pacing is what makes this ride our favorite

Once it leaves the lift it just does not let up 

This final curve sequence on the lake is fun

We finally got to ride the latest B&M design with a few laps on Pipeline

The first time your seat bounces really takes you off guard

It so much fun though.  Great addition to the park

Last time I visited Ice Breaker was built and had been tested - but they decided to hold off opening it until much much later

There's not much to the ride due to a short layout, but the swing launch and speed it creates really makes for a fun ride

I wish there had been more money in the budget to make the ride longer

Manta still towers over the front of the park

If you can survive the overly intense pretzel loop, the rest of the ride is a lot of fun with graceful swoops and rolls