November 19, 2023

Universal Studios Florida


Welcome to Universal Studios Florida

Let's head into the new Minion Land

We started with Minion Mayhem.

This ride is just a lot of fun.

Across the street is Villain Con Minion Blast

There's a STEEP learning curve on this ride if you want to score high

However, it's possible to just ride and shoot without care and still have a good time

We really liked the new Minions Street shops and facades

Hollywood Rip Ride RockIt! was next.  I hate to say it, but I think this ride has passed its shelf life.

If you can get rows 2 or 5, then the ride is not AS rough, but anywhere else is almost unbareable. 

We really enjoy the street facades

The Blues Brothers are arriving

The giant Christmas tree in the New York area

Time for MUMMY ... we would have enjoyed the ride more if we had gotten our CUP OF COFFEE!

To quote the Grinch, "That noise! noise! noise!"

Time to ride "Family: The Ride"

My family wanted to ride just to see if it was as bad as we remembered... it was.  Family.

As bad as "Family the Ride" is, this might be even worse

While it is true that we have never been fans of the Transformers franchise, this ride is just violence for the sake of violence.  No real storyline and Spider-man does it better.

Even with the new Minion Blast, this is still our favorite shooter ride

Love the queue line

Did we dominate? Yes we did.  All three of us made the leaderboard for the day

Another ride we do because its just fun

It is showing its age, but we still had fun

The best Dumbo ride in Orlando?

Animal Actors was next

Fun show

We stopped by ET next.  Who else gives fake names for your "passport"?

The rest of the family makes fun of this ride, but I love it.
"Welcome HOME! You've Arrived."

Still one of the best stunt shows ever created.
The Bourne Stuntacular

Another silly fun ride that we as a family enjoy
Race through New York.  "PUPPIES!"

What a great start to our Universal vacation