November 20, 2023

Islands of Adventure


Welcome to Islands of Adventure

The gateway to the best park in Orlando

Just look at that skyline

We're not wasting any time - we're headed for the best coaster in the country


Head downstairs and take a right

It's Velocicoaster time

They don't seem very happy to be in that restraint

This is seriously the best coaster ever and I'm still shocked we have in the States

Just hanging around....

I still love this ride, but I think it needs the upgrade that the Hollywood one received

This ride is a guilty pleasure

Yes.  We think Kong is fun

Nice to see my girlfriend again after all these years

The single-rider line for this ride is awesome.  I think the longest I have ever wait was 5 minutes

Hulk's single-rider line actually moved fairly quickly today

and to my surprise I was placed in the front row.

This ride is sooooooo much better than Transformers

This ride is just cute.  If you grew up reading these books it is a must ride

Hello Things!

Here's another guilty pleasure ride.  We especially like riding it at night

Great way to see all the lights during Christmas

Another great day at Universal Orlando Resort