July 2, 2024

Indiana Beach


Welcome to Indiana Beach - where's there more than corn in Indiana

This is Tig'rr a fun compact coaster

Air Crow sends you right over the water

Hoosier Hurricane goes above the boardwalk and off the actual pier onto the Lake

It has a classic out and back layout

Steel Hawg is an interesting compact coaster

There are currently only two of this style of coaster operating in the US

The newest coaster to the park is the All-American Triple Loop

It may look cool, but it literally tries to kill you

I remember when these could be found at most parks


The Den of Lost Thieves is a dark ride shooting game

Tilt a Whirl

Log Flume.  I think it actually splashes into the Lake


Sea Dragon

Double Shot


Flying Bobs

The sky ride is probably one of my favorite attractions here. 

It goes from one end of the park to the other

Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain intertwined with Antique Cars

The elevator lift for Lost Coaster

Exiting the top tunnel

Such a strange wooden coaster

Time to cruise the Lake on the Shafer Queen

Thanks for a great day, Indiana Beach