July 1, 2024

Kings Island



Welcome to Kings Island - and the very first operating day for the park as a Six Flags park

Time to head up in the Eiffel Tower to take a look around

Coney Mall


Action  Zone

International Street

Snoopy areas

First up is my favorite coaster in the park - Diamondback

Just an extremely fun ride

New this year is Snoopy's Soap Box Racers

This Vekoma Family Boomerang is more fun than it should be

Simple design, but it will definitely put a huge smile on your face when riding

Next door, the rethemed/repainted Air Rail is shaking people into submission

Don't Go In the Shed if you ride Mystic Timbers

Still the longest wooden coaster in the world - The Beast

I'm not proud of how much I love this ride.  I think it's the tunnel ending

For some reason, The Racer is extremely popular now and has full queues.  It is fun, but I'm not sure about the queue size

Flight of Fear still demands the longest lines in the park.  The ride is extremely janky.  Bring your Tylenol

Orion grew on me this visit.  The trick is to only ride in the very front.  Lots of fun there.  Extremely mid in every other row for some reason

Adventure Express is still epic

Sol Spin was a great addition to this area of the park

Delirium doing what it does best

Drop Tower.  Yay?

Banshee was very Jekyll and Hyde on our trip.  One train (purple) provided extremely smooth rides, the other (blue) gave us headaches as it obviously had square tires and rattled through the whole course

The Bat is a guilty pleasure and I hope it never leaves

Currently playing at the park is the Gazillion Bubbles Show.  It was awesome.  I haven't seen that theater that full in a long time

The park has a new new fireworks, lasers and drone show this year called Under the Stars

It is a great show and definitely worth watching

Of course no visit to Kings Island is complete without a night ride on The Beast