June 23, 2010

Alcatraz Tour & Bay Cruise

Time to board my boat to Alcatraz

This is my boat

There it is

Be sure to pay attention to the warnings

Heading into the dock

Here we are.  That's the bunk house for the workers

Guard tower

The famous light house of the Rock

The shell of a burned down building

Inside one of the cell blocks

More cell blocks

Inside one of the cells

The cafeteria

More of the cafeteria

Another cell block area

The switchboard area

All right time to take the cruise around the bay now

Good view of the skyline of San Francisco

Cruising around Alcatraz

It's a large complex

The other side of the bay from San Francisco

 We're getting closer to the Golden Gate Bridge

Yeah, it's a little foggy today.

It was a little windy on the boat

Heading back into the bay

Very impressive skyline

Having an awesome time