June 22, 2010

Gilroy Gardens

Welcome to Gilroy Gardens

This is really a beautiful park

Just one of the shops at the front of the park

M.C. Illions Supreme Carousel

Strawberry Sundae

Banana Split

Tubs of Fun

Timber Twister Coaster

This extremely long train is themed to a snake

This is a fun kiddie/family coaster

Splash & Squirt Play Area

Chain Link - Circus Tree

Balloon Flight

Rock Maze

So.. I'm lost... in a Rock Maze

Bonfante Falls

Bonfante Railroad

Bonfante's Splash Garden

These trees and gardens are beautiful

Panoramic Wheel

The view from the wheel

Four-Legged Giant

Time for Quicksilver Express

This is a Morgan built minetrain

Most of the ride is hidden from the main midway

There are some really quick and snappy sections

It seems to be a hit with the park guests.

Let's check out the Monarch Gardens

They have a monrail through the gardens

Mushroom Swing

South County Backroads.  You can ride a 1920's or 1950's car.

Look how cool the ride pathway is

You get to go through a Car Wash.

Rainbow Garden Round Boat Ride

Arch - Circus Tree

Look at that amazing garden

Apple & Worm

Garlic Twirl

Paddle Boats

Artichoke Dip

Basket - Circus Tree

Almost Circle - Circus Tree

Zig Zag - Circus Tree

Time to head out

I had fun - this is sure a very "different" park