June 21, 2010

California's Great America

Welcome to California's Great America

Since we're here, let's ride the double-decker carousel

A beautiful attraction

FLIGHT DECK would be my first coaster of the day

This B&M built inverted coaster packs a punch

Going up into a vertical loop

I like how it flies over the lake.

It also makes an appearance over the midway

Next up was FireFall - a Huss TopSpin

Flying Eagles

Rip Roaring Rapids


Loggers Run

H.M.B. Endeavor

Let's head into Planet Snoopy

Peanuts' PIRATES - a Huss Breakdance

Snoopy's Splash Dance

Woodstock's Express

It is actually a fairly long kiddie coaster

I enjoyed it

Snoopy wouldn't share his cookie with me


Drop (Zone) Tower

Psycho Mouse

Lots of tight twists and turns

The Grizzly is the park's wooden coaster

I found it to be rather underwhelming

I guess it serves its purpose though

I did actually get a ride on Invertigo

It broke down shortly after and didn't reopen the rest of the day

Whitewater Falls

The Demon

It's identical to it's twin in Chicago

The main difference is that there is tree coverage here

Berserker - a Bavern Kurve ride

Celebration Swings

VORTEX - the 2nd oldest B&M stand up coaster in the nation.

I'd be lying if I said this was a fun coaster to ride

It's rough and boxes your ears as you ride

The layout is all right though.

Time for the Star Tower

Check out these views

Very cool

More of the park

Delta Flyer time

Here we go!

There's Vortex

There's Psycho Mouse

Coming in for a landing

I had a great time at the park.