June 20, 2010

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Welcome to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Where should we head first?

To the SEA it is!

First up - Penguins

First coaster of the day would be ROAR

Roar is a GCI built wooden coaster

It features a lot of curves and twists

Overall it provided a pretty intense ride

Next was Big Spin

This is one of those Gerstlauer spinning coasters

Lots of hair pin turns and helices to make the car spin around

Also in the area was V2: Vertical Velocity

This is an unusual installation because of the front spike.
Instead of being vertical, it actually is at an angle

So you actually go upside down here

Monsoon Falls

Possibly the coolest theme for a ride like this ever.
This is Hammerhead Shark

Speaking of Sharks, they have an exhibit

Underwater viewing and everything - though it was really dark in there

There is a small Loony Tunes themed area which has this coaster
called Road Runner Express

They also have a sea animal show featuring SHOUKA

Shouka is the star of the park

He jumps, he splashes, he does things

He has dolphin friends.  It's all cool

Now we are in the SKY section of the park.

This is MEDUSA - a B&M built floorless coaster.

This is really the star coaster at the park

It towers over mostly everything

Very twisted layout

KONG is next door

Kong is a Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster

It's not as rough as most SLC coasters out there

However it is far from a smooth ride

Also in this area is Cobra 

It gets the award for longest train ever

Boomerang is also near by

It's just another Boomerang

Moving into the LAND section of the park - home to lots of animals






There are a final few attractions in the area - this is Ark


White Water Safari


A very different Six Flags park - but a lot of fun