June 22, 2010

Santa Cruze Beach Boardwalk

Welcome to the world-famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Yes, there is really a beach

Heading down to the park

The historic Casino building at the Boardwalk

Let's check out the rides

Pirate Ship

Double Shot

First coaster of the day would be Hurricane

Time to head up the lift

This small compact coaster really packs a punch

I like how it is elevated above the main path

The 1911 Loof Carousel is one of the park's historic rides

While riding you can collect rings to throw into the clown's mouth

If you collect the brass ring, you get a free ride.  Pretty cool.

Sky Glider

I thought the two cave people riding were fun

Fire Ball

Haunted Castle - ride through fun house

Let's check out more of the Boardwalk

Ferris Wheel


Logger's Revenge

Rock & Roll

Ghost Blasters

Sea Swings

Rip Tide

Cliff Hanger

The next coaster of the day was Sea Serpent

Yes, it is a kiddie coaster, but it's on a cliff

That makes it better, right?


Crazy Surf

For the record - the water was FREEZING

All right.  Time for the main event

This ride has been on my bucket list for awhile

There is the famous sign over the end tunnel

The ride was a lot of fun

It was smooth and full of air time pops

It's a really beautiful coaster too

I seriously could not get enough of this ride

Here's the curved load station.  Isn't it neat?

I had such a great time here.  I cannot wait for a return visit