June 21, 2010

Winchester Mystery House

Welcome to the Winchester Mystery House

Even outside the house is strange looking

The house has been designated as a state historical site

Ready to go check out the weird?

First up is this stair case to nowhere

Some of the Tiffany collection that Mrs. Winchester owned

Another strange staircase

She was obsessed with the spider web pattern

This is the 7-11 staircase.  Go down 11 steps and up 7 
and you are still on the same level of the house.

Another Tiffany window

The conservatory.  Yes, that's a window in the floor.

Looking out on the house

Another strange staircase.  These are called easy riser steps

The beautiful Tiffany front door.
They say these were opened once during her lifetime

The Grand Ballroom - never used

Pantry with stone shelves that keep food cool

Kitchen with "self draining" counters

One of the many "13" jokes in the house.
13 was her favorite number

Looking up into the conservatory from the kitchen

Let's take a look around the grounds

The door to nowhere

Front door and porch

It's pretty but in a strange way

I had a great time