March 23, 2013

Oceans of Fun Construction

Time to check back in at Oceans of Fun.

The pile of slide segments continues to grow.

These parts still need to be put together.

This particular piece is for the Constrictor slide.

Run out for the drop floor slides.

More Constrictor pieces.

Body slides.

Body slides.

Body slides.

Body slides.

Body slides.

Let's head into the park.

Really like the details on the new gate area.

These will be the ticket booths.

Guest Relations will be here.

The actual "gate section" will be open air there in the middle.

All the open area between the two enclosed sections will be the "gate" to the park.

This is where you used to get your tickets scanned.  That's no longer the case.

This will now be Bender's Surf Shop.

The inside of the gift shop has been completely gutted.

We'll start over at the new slide tower complex.

The new tables are being stored out of the way.

The splash pool is about done.

Here's a look at the tower.

They should start hanging slide pieces soon.

The holes up on the top level are where the drop capsules will be located.

The runouts will be put here... eventually.

The three tube slides will empty out here.

This is going to be a great addition.

They have finished the painting of the wave pool building.  All it needs now is the signage.

They are moving the tube rentals over here for this season.

Some more new awnings have gone up.

Work is still being done on the locker rooms.

I'm told you won't recognize the insides this season from last.

They haven't started on the new locker pavilion that will go up here in the middle.

The tube rental by the lazy river has received some attention.

Diamond Head has received new fiberglass lining.

The sun patio has been enlarged.

New colors on Calypso Cafe and the small snack stand.

Coconut Cove

The enlarged sun patio at the adult pool.

New retaining wall.

Another look at the adult pool.

Work being done at Crocodile Isle.

Crocodile Island is basically being completely redone.

It will be much nicer.

Subway is being redone as well.

With Monsoon now being in officially in Oceans of Fun, the queue is being reconfigured.

The park is looking great.  Cannot wait to see the finished product.