March 30, 2013

Sea World San Antonio

Welcome to Sea World San Antonio.

I started off going left and went to the dolphin touch pool.

 Next I headed into the Sharks/The Coral Reef Aquarium.

They have a lot of sharks in here.

There's a lot of fish too.

Back across the entrance plaza to the rest of the park.

First show of the day would be AZUL.

The show features high flying dolphins.

Sweet beluga whales.

and lots of Cirque inspired acrobatics.

Next attraction of the day is this crazy looking thing.

After you go up a lift hill, a turntable causes your boat to go backwards on the middle section, then you are turned back around again and go down the big drop.

Not sure the point of the middle section but that's Escape to Atlantis.

The next ride was Rio Loco.

This is your normal "run of the mill" rapids ride.

You do get rather wet on it.

I always enjoy the penguin exhibit.

The sea lions are such beggars.

Time to ride the major coasters - GREAT WHITE.

For all intents and purposes, this is a Batman clone.

However, the location of this ride disguises that fact.

You cannot see the 2nd half of the ride from the midway.

STEEL EEL is the other big coaster here.

This is a Morgan built hypercoaster.

It towers over this section of the park.

There is some insane airtime on this ride.

Time for ONE OCEAN.

What's not to like about this show?

Such magnificent animals.

Bay of Play is the park's kiddie area.


Ferris Wheel.

Rockin' Tug.

Frog Hopper.

Look who I got to meet!

Time for the Clyde and Seamore Show.

The show was themed to a mystery this time.

Slow Poke makes his entrance.

Elmo Rocks is the current kids show.


Fast forward to nighttime.

Sea Lions Live! is the night show at Clyde and Seamore where they spoof other shows and attractions at the park.

It's hilarious.

The Sesame Street Party has taken over the Bay of Play.

Shamu Rocks is the night orca show.

The orcas appear to like this show a lot more than One Ocean.

What a great day.