March 16, 2013

Outlaw Run Grand Opening (SDC)

The day has final come.  Outlaw Run is open to the general public.

If you do come this weekend, be prepared to wait.

Love the stagecoach prop.

Signage near the queue line tent.

Signage on the wall blocking off backstage.

The main building of the attraction.

Main sign for the attraction building.

Details in the queue line.

Signage in the queue area.

Sign in the queue line.

The tent area of the queue line.

The overflow corral for the queue line.  Never wait in this.

Heading down to the load station.

The loading station.

Looking through the "office scene" to the loading station.

The "office"

The lift hill is really the only part of the ride you can see from the station.

A look at the train as it climbs the lift hill.

Signage at the exit of the ride.

The on ride photo area is not quite ready.

Gift shop.

It's a great ride that does not let up once you crest the lift hill.  I feel that this coaster has completely re-written the book what a wooden coaster can and cannot do.