March 31, 2013

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Welcome to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

I started my day with Sky Screamer.

I like close it comes to the quarry wall.

Now it's time for Krypton Coaster.

This a B&M built floorless coaster.

I love how it interacts with the quarry walls.

This ride really dominates the back part of the park.

The cobra roll is massive.  Such a great ride.

This is their 50's themed section - Rockville USA.

Hustler - a billiards themed tea cup ride.


Poltergeist time.

This is a Premier built launcher.

It features a twisted knot of track.

Let's head into the Boardwalk section of the park.

The ferris wheel and frisbee dominate the upper portion of the area.

There's also a scrambler.

Pandemonium is the coaster in this area.

It's very twisty and spinny.

The park has an awesome log flume themed to Bugs Bunny and the Singing Sword.

It even has some roller coaster track along its course.

A very nice swing ride.

The park also has a Huss Top Spin.

The park's kiddie coaster.

The park also has a great rapids ride called Gullywasher.

The park's wooden coaster is getting redone by RMC.

The first drop is now much steeper.

It still goes up on top of the quarry walls.

Yes that is an inversion.

One of my favorite minetrains.

It also interacts with the quarry wall.

A fun, fun ride.

The park also has a Boomerang.

The guests seem to like it.

Finally the park has a "new" B&M inverted coaster called Goliath.

It is a clone of the Batman layouts.

What's interesting is that now all of the major theme parks in Texas have the exact same layout of B&M inverted roller coasters.

Thanks for a great day - Fiesta Texas!