March 29, 2013

Six Flags over Texas

Welcome to Six Flags over Texas!

Pademonium was my first destination.

It loads so slowly that it's a good idea to get it out of the way first.

It's a fun ride if the line is short.

Time to ride the classic woodie - Judge Roy Scream.

Technically this coaster is completely outside of the park.

I really enjoy the ride.

Sky Screamer is not quite ready.

It has gone vertical though.

BATMAN time.

Yellow Batman.

It's pretty much the same as all of the other clones of this layout.

Crazy to think I'll be riding 3 Batman clones this week alone.

How about a little Mr. Freeze?

It's still in Reverse Blast mode.

I do like facing straight down on the spike now.

This dumbo style ride is cool looking.

How about a gun themed swing ride?  Only in Texas.

They have a nice train here.

This ride is awesome.

There is so much history here.

I hope they keep this ride forever.

Next door is the Mini Mine Train.

STOP: Superman Tower of Power.

Another classic coaster at the park is the Shock Wave.

This is another coaster they have to keep forever.

This was the first coaster with 2 simultaneous loops.

I guess it caused some wrecks on the highway next to the park when it first opened due to people gawking at the sight of a looping coaster.

Runaway Mountain is another coaster you should catch earlier in the day due to the lines.  I forgot and paid for it today.

La Vibora is the third coaster you should ride early in the day.

They do have a single rider option here which can help your wait times.

It's a very unique ride.

The star of the park is the NEW Texas Giant.

I'm curious though - how long do we have to call it "NEW"?

I guess we'll have to wait and find out.  Oh and that curve - so sexy.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

This is the real reason I even come to this park, to be honest.

 I see you taunting me - and being all "closed due to high winds"

Last coaster of the day would be TITAN.

The amount of Gs you pull here is insane.

You really cannot see much of this coaster inside the park.

Fun times.

The park also has a kiddie coaster, but I didn't ride it this time.

All right, a couple more laps on New Texas Giant before we leave.

Had a great time.  See you next visit to Texas.