March 17, 2013

Spring Ride Days (SDC)

Welcome to Spring Ride Days at Silver Dollar City.

We started off the day at WildFire.

Nothing like a coaster to get your going in the morning.

It was running great today.

Next we headed to PowderKeg.

PowderKeg was running great today.

Next we headed to Outlaw Run.

We eventually got a ride on it, but we'll never wait that long for the ride again.

Time for some "quick on" rides - Fire in the Hole.

Flooded Mine.

We had a great time.

I'm getting outta here, no matter what!

I'm killing it today.

Here comes trouble.

She had a great time.

Mom loves this ride.

Make it a train day!

We were hitting all of the big coasters today.

Very little wait time for ThuNderaTion today.

I still think this is the best theme for one of these.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

We decided to attempt one more ride on Outlaw Run before the end of the day.

The line was MUCH shorter this time.

With the shorter lines (and knowing what to expect) it was much better the 2nd time.

We had a great time today at SDC.