June 9, 2015

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Welcome to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia.

The first hamlet you enter is Britain. 

They have a very nice train here.

Escape from Pompeii is a highly themed shoot d'chutes ride.

We're in the Fiesta Italia section now - home to the newest coaster at the park, Tempesto.

This is a very interesting coaster.  It features a series of 3 launches to get you started.

First you launch forward, then backwards and the forward again which give enough momentum to go up this spire to the top of the ride.

Once at the top you slowly creep through this very high inline twist.

Then you plunge into this non-inverting loop and back to the station.

Next door is the other coaster in the area - Apollo's Chariot.

This B&M built hypercoaster provides a wild out of control ride filled with airtime.

The two coasters really dominate the skyline in this section of the park.

Turkish Delight.

Trade Wind.

They have a great rapids ride in this section called Roman Rapids.

Every time I visit this park, I'm blown away by it's beauty.
The ride in the background is Da Vinci's Cradle.

They do an awesome job at this park.

Leaving the Italian hamlet.

We are now in Germany, home to Mach Tower.

The big rollercoaster in this section is now Verbolten.

This is a highly themed ride that has an indoor effects section.

The indoor effects section ends with a drop track section.

Verbolten stands on the same land that the famous Big Bad Wolf used to reside on.

In tribute to that ride, the finale of Verbolten mimics Big Bad Wolf's dive towards the river.

Probably the best place to eat at the park.

The Legend of DarKastle is a ride through 4D multi-sensory ride.

Heading into the Switzerland hamlet.

This park is seriously beautiful.

The main ride in this section is Alpengeist.

This B&M built inverted coaster is massive.

This coaster goes through some major elevation changes.

I love how this loop just stands out above the trees - Apollo's Chariot is there in the distance.

This is a very intense coaster - but one of the best of its type.

Heading into the Canada section.  Le Scoot is the park's log flume.

It has a nice big drop as a finale.

The France hamlet of the park is dominated by Griffon.

Griffon is a B&M built dive coaster and features the widest trains built to date.

The coaster ends with a splash pool that shoots rooster tails up behind the train.

The first drop features a brake that creeps the cart over the drop before releasing.

Again, these trains are just massive.

The Ireland hamlet only has one ride and it is called Europe in the Air.  It is a simulator ride.

In the Scotland hamlet, the famous Loch Ness Monster resides.

Known for it's interlocking loops, this Arrow built looper has been thrilling guests for years.

It features a very long tunnel where the coaster does a continuous helix.

It is a great looking coaster with an excellent location.

I always have a great time at this park.