June 8, 2015

Kings Dominion

Welcome to Kings Dominion.

The first coaster of the day would be Dominator.

This B&M built floorless coaster used to reside at Geauga Lake.

It's a pretty wild ride.

They have a decent shooter ride called Boo Blasters, but it is a bit hidden.

Woodstock's Express is the park's junior wooden coaster.

The park has a fun toboggan rollercoaster called Avalanche.

There are not many coasters like this left.

The park has a Huss Topspin called The Crypt.

My favorite ride in the park is VOLCANO: The Blast Coaster.

This Intamin built inverted rollercoaster features a launched start that takes the train up and out the mouth of the volcano.  It is really a great way to start the ride.

After cresting the volcano, the train meanders around the volcano performing some rolls and then a final drop back inside.

The park has a Flight of Fear indoor launched coaster, but the location of the ride is just weird.

This is Intimidator 305.

I-305 is an insane gigacoaster built by Intamin.

Personally I dislike this coaster.  It causes you to brown out due to excessive G-forces.

I think the consistent short lines for this coaster are a true sign of what the public thinks of it.

This is Anaconda.

Anaconda is an Arrow built looper that has a great location over the park's lake.

For the most part, the coaster is relatively smooth with only a few transitions that cause pain.

Backlot Stunt Coaster is one of those rides that makes you wonder why they spent the money to build it in the first place.  

Shockwave is the park's stand up coaster.

This one of the last of its type.  Intamin designed these trains back before they really knew what they were doing.  They are not comfortable at all - especially for a tall guy.

The first drop of the ride.

The loop is actually scary with the restraint system that the ride uses.  Will I fall out?

Straddling a bicycle seat and doing an airtime hill is not a good combo for a guy.

This Trioka is called Bad Apple - I really like this style of ride.  I wish we had one at WOF.

This is Drop Tower.

This is WindSeeker - no they are not the same ride.

Americana Ferris Wheel - another ride inherited from Geauga Lake.

The park has a great racing wooden coaster called Rebel Yell.

The coaster splits the waterpark in half.

It's lots of fun and pretty smooth too.

This is Ricochet - the park's mouse coaster.

One of the worst wooden coasters out there - The Hurler.

Rough doesn't even begin to describe it.

Probably the best wooden coaster in the park is the Grizzly.

I really enjoy this ride in the dark.

The park has a great flyers ride called Flying Eagles.

We'll end with a photo from up in the Eiffel Tower.  Time to head out.