June 10, 2015

Kings Island

Welcome to Kings Island.

I started my day off at the Bat.

I really enjoy these old school Arrow suspended coasters.

The way the carts swing out is just so cool.

I wish there were more out there - Cedar Fair owns most of the remaining installations.

Next door is one of the best B&M inverted coasters in the nation - BANSHEE.

The size of this ride is quite impressive.

I love the Banshee scream as the train crests the lift hill.

Love that the loop goes around the lift hill.

Honestly I'll come back to the park just to ride this thing.

Delirium is another "must ride" when I visit the park.

Adventure Express is a great mine train.

The course features some fun thematic elements.

But of course, it's that final lift that is the best part of the entire ride.

The Racer is always fun to ride.

The Red side seemed to win most of the races today.

Flight of Fear is fun - but the midcourse brake is on way too hard.

Firehawk takes forever to load.

It's a fun coaster but I hate the queue waits for it.

Vortex is not getting any smoother.

It gave me quite the headache today.

WindSeeker is a very fun and relaxing ride.

I went into Dinosaurs Alive to get away from the crowds for awhile.

This is a tall dinosaur.  I have no idea what it is called.

Look another dinosaur.

I do know what this is - Triceratops!

The Backlot Stunt Coaster is only fun because of the tunnel finale.

The Beast is still the king of this park, in my opinion.

Especially the night rides.

DiamondBack is a great ride.

It is actually a pretty good night ride too.

The splash finale is really neat looking.

Flying Ace Aerial Chase.

Woodstock's Express.

Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown Log Flume.

Boo Blasters.

The Share A Coke Team was on site today.  You could get your name on a can of Coke.

I went up in the Eiffel Tower next.

I always have a great time here.