June 4, 2015

Lake Winnie

Welcome to Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park ... or Lake Winnie as the locals call it.

Fire Ball.



Ferris Wheel.


Boat Chute is a unique ride that was constructed by the original owners.

After a long meandering tunnel, the boats climb the lift and then splashes into the lake.

A very unique ride that is worth coming to the park to experience.


Looking down the main midway of the park.

Wacky Factory is the park's dark ride.  It's interesting.

Grand Carousel.  It plays songs from both Tennessee and Georgia.

Wacky Worm.

Before you ask - yes, I did ride it.


Wave Swinger.



Bumper Cars.


Wild Lightnin' is the park's mouse coaster.

It's a pretty wild ride.

My only complaint is how the carts slam into the corners.

The real jewel of the park is the Cannon Ball.

This is a classic out and back wooden roller coaster.

This airtime filled coaster is a lot of fun.

Even with its short layout, it still delivers.

Alpine Way is the park's skyride.  It only has one station so you get a roundtrip.

It's a lot of fun going up and over the park's lake - great views of all the rides.
If you are in the Chatanooga area, this park is definitely worth a few hours.