June 3, 2015

Holiday World

Welcome to Holiday World.

This is the Applause Award Fountain.

We first head into the Halloween section. Raven would be the first coaster of the day.

The oldest wooden coaster in the park is still the best.

Next would be The Legend.

The Legend is just a little bit bigger and wilder than the Raven.

The one thing that is a lot bigger is the lateral G-forces.

It's fun, but not as much fun as the Raven.

Scarecrow Scrambler.


The next section we will visit is the 4th of July.

Flying Eagles.


Liberty Launch.

Star Spangled Carousel.

Holidog's Fun Town.

Splash Pad.

The Howler.

Heading into the Thanksgiving section.

Turkey Twirl.
Gobbler Getaway - a Sally shooter ride.

The Mayflower.

The largest wooden coaster at the park is The Voyage.

Proof that bigger doesn't always mean better.

It's horrible - barely worth a courtesy ride.

The Crow's Nest.

The new coaster at the park is THUNDERBIRD.

This is a B&M launched wingcoaster.

This is quite the addition for this park.

It is a great ride.  I honestly wish it was closer to home.

This place is just awesome.