June 5, 2015

Six Flags over Georgia

Welcome to Six Flags over Georgia.

The first coaster of the day is Georgia Scorcher.

This B&M built stand up coaster dominates the front of the park.

Next coaster would be Dare Devil Dive Coaster.

This is a fun coaster but it literally takes forever to load.

Goliath was next.

This is a B&M built hypercoaster.

A good portion of this ride is outside of the park.

Monster Mansion is a great dark ride boat float.

The ride is extremely cute and has a very catchy theme song.

Time to head into the Gotham City section of the park.

Crime Wave.

Harley Quinn's Spin Sanity.

The Joker.

Batman the Ride is currently running backwards.

Yes, I thought that this looked extremely "wrong" too.

I honestly thought that it felt much more intense going backwards.

It's not something that I would marathon on by any means.

The other coaster in the area is the Mindbender built by Schwarzkopf.

It's a fun ride.


This is Ninja.

It's not a very smooth rollercoaster.

This is the Great American Scream Machine.

It is a classic wooden out and back rollercoaster.

Superman Ultimate Flight is the next coaster on the loop.

This is one of the first B&M flying coasters that was built.

The coaster is showing its age though as the station crew seems to have a lot of error codes that they have to deal with each time before dispatching a train.

If you can wait out the line, the ride is a lot of fun.

The park has a good shoot the chutes ride.

This is the kiddie coaster for the park - Roadrunner Express.

It is actually a pretty cool coaster.

Dahlongea Mine Train.

Even though I have no idea how to pronounce the name of the ride...

... it is a great mine train.

Acrophobia is the park's drop tower.  

The park has an extremely rough wooden coaster called the Georgia Cyclone.

The coaster really needs some help.

Time to head out.