April 13, 2017

Falcon's Flight Construction (WOF)

The new Falcon's Flight will not be ready for Opening Night and Weekend.
Notice how it really towers over the depot and is quite visible outside of Europa.

The ride takes the place of the former Le Carousel and really changes the look of Europa.

The shade coverings for the queue line are very Renaissance Fair looking.

The logo and control booth for the ride.

The ride's tower really looms over Europa.

They still have some parts to assemble for the ride.

Though they were cycling the main assembly of the ride tonight.  It was not lifting and the 4 arms were not spinning, but the main section was turning.

There are a lot of LED lights on this ride, so I imagine it will be quite bright at night.

The ride will not be open this weekend, but they are optimistic about next weekend.

The ride's marquee at night.