April 15, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

This week's update is courtesy of sdcfan88.  The big news this week is that the roof for more than one half of the building is being installed.  Also, most of the side paneling has been put into place.

From the Culinary School back porch you can see they have pretty much enclosed most of the building now - and you can get a better look at the roofline that has been installed.

Still a lot of work being done on footers especially around the TNT helix.

Another look at this construction area.

A footer that will probably be used for the first drop.

They have just recently buried these footers.

Some more freshly buried footers.  From what we've heard, it might still be awhile before track and supports show up - I'm guessing probably late May or even into June.