April 13, 2017

Park Changes (WOF)

The first thing that you notice when approaching the new main gate area is that there are now permanent security stations that you must pass through.  These include permanent metal detectors.

The former Guest Relations building is now completely dedicated to just Season Passports.

The new Ticketing building is very sleek with numerous windows and a dedicated area to Group Sales (which is on the far left).

The new Guest Services building has access from both inside and outside the park.

The new icon balloon and the Turnstiles building.

The new icon balloon looks great and has already become a photo hot spot.

The new Turnstiles building is very open.  This is the entrance side of the building.

Here is the exit side of the building.

I mentioned earlier that Guest Relations had a park entrance side and here it is.

This is the new Rental - Photo - Lockers building.  It was the former First Aid.

This is the new International Plaza.  You can see the layout from inside the park of the new Front Gate area.  It has really changed the look of the area.

They have created a compass rose in the middle of the new International Plaza.

Tivoli Terrace East is now visible.  The beautiful building used to be hidden behind trees and other buildings.

Tivoli Terrace East is the only surviving building from the Tivoli Terrace catering pavilions.  I have been told it will be used as the "warm up building" for the Festival of Music bands.

Scandinavia has received a lot of pavers and new concrete walkways.  It sure has made the area look much nicer and inviting.

Fast-forwarding to evening, the new plaza is very well lit thanks to the new LED light posts that the area sports.

The Guest Services and Turnstiles building lit up at night.

Finally the icon balloon and Turnstiles LED marquee at night.

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